I was recently asked why a brand needs to have so much visual consistency since most things today are not so “matchy/matchy” anymore. Doesn’t it make it boring? When companies think of their branding strategies here are a few things to keep in mind.

Brands should protect their visual identity as much as possible to help in establishing a relationship with their customer. The first step is for a brand to find a visual identity that is disruptive among its competitors and that connects with their target audience. Once that identity is defined, there should be visual anchors which are your must haves in all elements of the brand. Visual anchors can be patterns, colors, icons, fonts, photography treatments, etc. These visual anchors make your brand easily recognizable and allow your customers to be in a comfort zone with your brand since it’s something they are familiar with and they like.

The human mind is bombarded with messages more than at any time in history. It is important for marketers to create a long lasting impression on their customers and allow them to easily find their brand by instinct. This instinct is developed by repetition, so when they close their eyes and you mention a brand they know what it should look like.

Imagine if you changed your hair color and style of dress every day. Someone that sees you daily will say that it’s your visual identity that you change often, but let’s say that someone sees you once every few months. They probably won’t remember you and you may need to be constantly telling them who you are instead of focusing on building a relationship. It is the same thing with a brand, you want for them to focus on your message and not trying to figure out if they have seen your brand before.

What are your visual anchors?

Annabel Mendez is Co-Founder of Marketites.
She has a passion for Thinking, Marketing and Unicorns.