It was a hot morning on Calle Ocho, the most famous street in Miami, and one of our clients had flown in the night before from Minnesota. My team at went over the logistics with the client, and also talked about what to expect during the Calle Ocho festival. This festival attracts 1 million people every year and if you are a brand looking to reach these consumers, then Calle Ocho is the event to be at. Thousands of interactions later, my client was excited and exhausted. As a Miami marketing agency, we know the local market really well and knew the right event for his brand. He loved the vibe of the city and got a glimpse into how different it is.

Miami is known as the gateway to the Americas and it is truly an international city. If you are a brand doing business in Miami and you are not from here, you will soon start to ask yourself, what is going on?

Here are 3 insights from the perspective of a Miami Marketing Agency.

1)      Miami is all about relationships and this has its pros and cons. Forming relationships are part of the happy and friendly Hispanic culture that makes us call everyone we know a “primo” (cousin). The hard part comes when you are not from Miami and need that opportunity to break in.

To start your relationship marketing you may want to approach an organization that you can connect with and offer your products or services. In our case, it was the Arts and Business Council of Miami-Dade. We volunteered in their annual Miami Arts Marketing Project that helps non-profits to stay up to date with all things marketing. This is a business win/win. You can help out a great cause and expand your network.

2)      Miami is a city where over half of its residents speak Spanish. This means that bilingual marketing is a plus. As a Miami marketing agency, we find ways to incorporate Spanish in our marketing campaigns and even in our Product Design. We recently completed a project named Kiipsit Document Organizer which is an organizer for families with young children to have the right information available in case of an emergency. We took the organizer that was originally designed in English and made it bilingual. Marketites created one planner in both languages and it automatically increased the potential market for our clients.

3)      Even though Miami is a fantastic city, people who do business here are very guarded. This is due to the high incidences of scams, frauds, and lies that claim millions of dollars every year from companies of all sizes. This is where credibility comes into play. You want to make sure that you have a website that looks professional and trustworthy. Have a blog that talks about who you are and what you can do for your clients. Have a solid LinkedIn profile with a photo to be taken seriously. Our client IT Support Miami has over 16 years serving their clients in Miami. Their clients entrust them with what is essentially their digital business. It is a big responsibility, but their credible track record gives their clients peace of mind. We recently did their website and branding to further emphasize their credibility.

Miami is a great city and full of opportunities, but you have to know the consumer and the market dynamics. To read more about consumer insights, brand strategy, and other marketing trends, subscribe to our newsletter.

Annabel Mendez is the Chief Consumer Officer and owner of Marketites, a Miami Marketing Agency focused on consumer-centric brand strategies for mid-size companies. She has conducted consumer research in over 20 countries around the world that led to game changing wins for some of the world’s biggest brands. Annabel is a Mechanical Engineer, Psychologist, and MBA and spent 12 years at Procter & Gamble prior to Marketites Marketing Agency.